The Crafty Woodchuck

Welcome Signs

Holding balloons, or flowers or a piece of cloth (for 'laundry room' signs), these can be done in any breed motif and can say basically anything.


Doggie Toy Boxes

A favorite among our customers for years, the doggie toy box is solid wood, stained, sealed and handpainted. They are ideal for keeping the dog's toys gathered safely into one location and are sturdy and attractive.

Made in a variety of sizes, they start at $14.00.

Shadow Box

Shadow boxes can be made to any size or specification, with or without clocks and/or drawers.

Prices available on request.


Finished in a medium to dark stain or antiqued (shown) these are made in a group of 6 different heights. Prices start at $6.50 for a 6" and go to $10.00 for a 16". Discounts are available for a complete set. These make excellent trophy items as well.


Crafted of spalted pecan, this mobile is a delightful piece to own or makes a superb gift or trophy.

Some of our woods in our booth

The Child's Toy Box

 The perfect gift that will become a treasured heirloom, this toybox is handcrafted in your choice of wood and can be plain or contain a recessed, plexiglas-covered 'interest scene' (as shown). Scenes can be of your choosing such as trains, dinosaurs, etc. Prices start at $150.00.

Hardwood Jewelry Boxes

Handcrafted with beautifully inlaid contrasting woods or carved, stained or otherwise accentuated, these are items to treasure for generations. Can be crafted in breed motifs in a variety of applications.


An example of some of our creative, one-of -a kind works in a wide price range, these unusual items make excellent gifts for the not-so-doggy person on your list and are wonderful accent pieces for home or office. These can be seen at our booth displays or photos can be sent on request.


The ribbon display case is hand-crafted in your choice of hardwood and finish and can be sized to hold any length ribbon with or without photo section. It can be made as a single, double or to hold even multiple ribbons. The viewing section is plexiglas.

Prices start at $175.00

with wall hanger


with wall hanger


Trophy handcarved in walnut in any breed for any award. Plate for information available

Prices start at $45.00 depending on size and intricacy.

Can be done for any award for any breed. The base is perfect for a brass plate with club name and date or other information. Can also be done without award carving as a very nice judge's gift. $50.00 with award carving. $45.00 without award carving. (Prices
before club discount).

Carved Trophy



10% discount
to clubs on items for trophies.



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